Climate change

Working together on carbon reduction and sustainability in historic buildings

Climate change is already, and will become, of greater significance in everything we do. Listed buildings form a small percentage of the nation’s building stock and the contribution they can make to reducing overall carbon consumption is consequently limited. However, we consider it important that all avenues through which they might do so are explored. With this in mind, we believe that some relaxations in the criteria for listed building consents will prove to be necessary.

York is home to 8% of the most important buildings in England

York, a small city of around 210,000 people, has over 2,000 listed buildings. Of these buildings a high proportion are listed as Grade II* and Grade I, accounting for 8% of the most important buildings in England.

We're helping combat climate change

We, along with many other heritage and conservations organisations, have an important role to play and a vested interest in improving carbon reduction and adopting sustainability measures. From building materials to conservation methodology and execution, it is essential that carbon reduction measures are well considered and sensitive, if heritage values are to be sustained. For this reason, we are working on carbon reduction proposals for one of our properties on Goodramgate, as a trial to inform our future approach and climate change policy.

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