Trustees and family of John Bowes Morrell are given a demonstration in traditional craft skills
Family Connections

Founder's descendants pay a visit to York.

Tour of Herbert House York Festival of Ideas 2024
Herbert House Tours

A new phase for Herbert House after a week of sell-out tours as part of the York Festival of Ideas

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Artist in Residence

Local York artist Ric Liptrot begins work on the De Grey House entrance hall commission.

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York Conservation Trust | conservation scaffolding
Our Role

Hear from CEO Guy Bowyer on the role of York Conservation Trust: our past, present and plans.

Newey Clock | York Conservation Trust | York Clock Group
Timekeepers of York

Nicknamed 'the timekeeper of York', discover Newey's 1906 exhibition clock and the York Clock Group who keep the great public clocks ticking around the City.

Dr John Bowes Morrell portrait by Henry Marvell Carr c. 1951
Founder's new home

Dr John Bowes Morrell and his vision for York.

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